The hose alphorn

Discover the sounds of your breath with a hose alphorn. Fun playing together. No training required - everybody home

The alphorn in its various shapes and forms is a fascinating sound machine. The hose alphorn is an ideal hiking companion. Are you looking for a fun outdoor group activity for your next team building session, childrens' birthday or family gathering? The hose alphorn is easy-going and user-friendly. It will be hard to give it back, after you have managed to tickle the first sounds out of it. Soon you will be able to improvise short tunes and enjoy playing together in a group. You think you are tone deaf? The hose alphorn will support your exhale with your own sounds. No musical training required. Courses offered on demand. Hose alphorns and mouthpieces will be provided.

hose alphorn
The hose alphorn has the exact same length (347 cm) as a traditional wooden alphorn and sounds in F#.

Swiss Carbon Alphorn

My carbon alphorn is retractable and light-weight - the ideal hiking companion. We walked the Cathar Way together, in the South of France 2014, where I improvised on hills within ruined castles.

Traditional wooden Alphorn

The queen of sounds among my horns: MEDITATIO, crafted by Jakob SpĆ¼hler, Wasterkingen